Don’t eat me!

Here Distractify has 28 pictures of foods with small faces on them. Introspect while looking at them, and ask yourself: Do you feel sympathy for any of them? Though some are just very funny, I find that others do elicit genuine sympathy. That's especially true of #4, #7, and #25. Let's say that you have... Continue Reading →


Michael Huemer’s defense of Anarchism

We are all against theft, extortion, and kidnapping. But when the state does strikingly similar things, and these are called expropriation, taxation, and imprisonment, our estimations change. The state and its agents, we think, may rightfully do many things that individual citizens may not do. What gives them this privilege?

Checking people out

You’re walking down the street. Approaching in the opposite direction you see a very attractive person. As he or she passes, you feel tempted to turn your head so as to, well, check them out. I assume that you have felt this temptation. I, at least, have felt it many times. I have resisted turning... Continue Reading →

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