Moralizers.com is a research communication blog at University of Oslo run by Marius (left), Ole Martin, and Aksel. Here we use philosophical tools to think more clearly about difficult and delicate issues. The blog is connected to the research project “What should not be bought and sold?”, which is financed by the Research Council of Norway. There is also a Norwegian version of this blog: Moralistene.no

Ole Martin Moen


Ole Martin Moen is a Research Fellow in Philosophy at University of Oslo and Principal Investigator of the project «What should not be bought and sold?». He defended his doctoral dissertation on hedonism in 2013, and has written articles on a range of applied issues, such as prostituion, animal welfare, pedophilia, intelligence, cosmetic surgery, and death. Ole Martin has earlier been a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and University of Oxford, and is co-founder and chairman at Humanistskolen, Norway’s coolest secondary school. He´s a regular in-house philosopher at Verdibørsen, Norway’s main philosophy show.

Aksel Braanen Sterri


Aksel Braanen Sterri is a Doctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy at University of Oslo who writes a dissertation on the ethics of commercial surrogacy. Aksel has earlier been a commentator and editorial writer in Dagbladet and in 2014 he wrote the book Tilbake til politikken. Aksel is interested in how we can create the best possible society and how each of us can live the best possible lives. He is often concerned with controversial questions, since that is where we often find the greatest mismatch between what we think and what is right.

Marius Jones


Marius Jones works part-time on digital research communication at University of Oslo. Marius is an economist and has also studied anthropology. He works on leadership development as a consultant in Deloitte and is one of the creators of Deloittecast. Marius has lived in Palestine, speaks Arabic, and has been a Sargent in the Norwegian Army. Marius is continually searching for activities and things that can make life better, which lately has lead him to daily meditation and to the acquisition of a brain scanner.



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